Stop watching camera reviews

I am obsessed with watching camera reviews. I’m subscribed to many channels on Youtube that only show reviews of gear. They’re dedicated gear review sites.

Now a lot of them say the gear does not matter and you should use what you have but check out this amazing new thing here. Then they tell you where you can buy it. It is killing me. I need to push passed the gear and just start to create. I need to be creating all the time. Too much consuming is going on. Too much.

The reason I am writing this today all about the gear is to try and convince myself that gear does not matter. I have the desire to create video. I’m interested in video. I’ve been for years. Since the beginning I’ve been researching and trying to find the best camera.

Yeas ago I bought the black magic pocket cinema camera. Hoped to be the best thing. The image quality was and is amazing the battery life was terrible. There was no auto focus. So creating self filmed videos with no flip screen and no auto focus was almost impossible. But is it.

I have been searching for something new. But I don’t need to. So far I have learned the camera. I have learned the focus length that I need. I adjust the lens based on the distance markings and run with it. If it’s not in focus then it’s not. I know it sounds terrible.

I will one day get a camera with focus tracking all that jazz but I need to slow down. I went through a phase of buying too many cameras. Too much. I am know selling off some of those. Even thinking about selling the drone. It’s listed. I just need to get to the basics to be able to create. Use what you have. I have a smartphone that can focus right. What is wrong with that. Nothing I could be using that. Why not.

It boils down to excuses. Doing the work is hard. Buying something that might make me a better person is easy. But that short term gratification of the new product is not going to make doing the work any less painful. It will still take the same amount of effort. It will still take the same amount of sacrifice and dedication to make it happen. Purchasing a new camera is not the answer to my issues. In fact it might just be the problem.

The search for a camera is distracting. It takes me away from thinking about what I should teach or share with others. I just spend time looking at videos of gear. That is not allowing me to focus on producing or researching what I could share with the world. So it has to end. I have to stop watching the reviews and not let the camera reviews distract me from the real focus that I should have.

When I am on the train I think that I should be taking pictures of these people. There are so many people that have interesting faces with i’m sure interesting stories. I should and hope to start photographing street portraits. It is super scary and I keep saying well if I had a camera with a quieter shutter I could do that. I could take pictures on the street if I had a smaller camera or one with a quiet shutter. It would be great. It would be perfect.

I don’t need it to be perfect. I just need to do it. It is up to me not my gear. I could and I should just use my iPhone. Again why not with the iPhone. It takes great pictures. It does. I just find excuses on why not not take the picture. Just take the picture. Just take the picture.

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