Course – Eric Kim’s Street Photography – Week Three

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Week 3: “Aesthetics and Styles in Street Photography”

Street photography has a plethora of different styles and aesthetics when it comes to documenting the human condition. Which styles are prevalent when it comes to street photography, and what kind of stories does it tell to the viewer?


  • Week 3: “Street Photography Styles” [YouTube]

Required Readings:

  • In defense of the one-liner (Blake Andrews)


  • Look for signs (billboards, advertisements, arrows, etc) and try to juxtapose a person either standing next to it or walking past it.

*Start brainstorming for street photography essay

I explored patterns a bit. I found it difficult. Interesting patterns and ads were scarce. The area of the city I’m in does not have much advertising.

I did manage to go into the subway or MARTA one day. I saw this man talking on his phone. He was standing in front of a large tile wall that had a bunch of squares. White tile with black grout.

He was happy. Beside him was a very creepy ad for a movie called The Ring. It’s a movie about this girl trapped inside a screen. When you watch the movie she comes out of the screen and attacks you.

Ok I have chills now thinking about it. I’m not one for scary movies. They haunt me. This is one of the most freaky movies I’ve seen.

The ad to the sequel looks as scary as the first. First you watch it then you die. It’s creepy. It was interesting juxtaposing very scary with someone who was very happy. She’s trapped in the screen. He appears to be free from the trappings. Not to mention that he was talking on an old flip phone. Not a smart phone.

Was the lack of screen improving his life?

You never know. Also you can see his ring is prevalent on his finger. This was his right hand. You can see he’s highlighting his ring finger. He has it out, bringing attention to it.

It was an interesting image. The weird thing is the platform was packed with people. There were people all over the place. I’m surprised I took the image of only him. May be the others had vanished. Spooky.

It’s fun to think about all the unique things in this image. He is dressed in gym clothes. To the far left of the image is a sign that says Atlanta. Most of the image cuts off but it gives some indication to the city I’m in.

It’s what I would call an interesting image but not the best image I’ve ever taken. It was an interesting image to take. Only because of the crowd on the platform. I felt as though everyone was watching me. I’m sure they weren’t but it felt that way.