Always Wanting

I’ve had a problem in the past. The problem still exists right at the moment. My problem is always wanting the next camera. I always want to get a new camera. It’s what they call gear buying or compulsive gear envy or something like that. Currently I want the Olympus Pen f . It looks like an amazing street photography tool.

I want that new tool. I feel like if I get the new pen f it will get me out there taking photos on the street like an Eric Kim. I want to be like him. I want to be out there striking up conversations on the street. I want to get to know more people and photograph their life. Life and people are interesting and it’s what I connect with. I drawn to photograph buildings as well.

I like to photograph architecture. Not just some architecture but all architecture. I have a desire to photograph homes and people living in their homes. Or perhaps people outside their homes. I should try to focus on that . Maybe I could take pictures of people doing maintenance on their home. Or up keep. Something where they are working on repairs or who knows what.

One of the ways that I’m trying to overcome this need for gear is to perhaps force myself to go through a course. Eric Kim has a ten week course on street photography. Each week is a new lesson and you have to write an essay or blog post after each lesson. The fact is I want to shoot with film. I find that film is something I want to connect with. It provides a certain level of richness to photographs hard to realize with digital. But I know that it’s a great process as well.

I know that digital cameras are amazing. I’m not an idiot. I want one. In fact I have a canon d40. But I’m just not drawn to shoot with it. I don’t know it’s something about the image. It may be because I can see it so soon after. Or it might be the colors or image resolution that just doesn’t excite me anymore. I want to have something richer. I want to have something that forces me to think and take more meaningful photographs.

I’m interested in medium format, but see why am I looking to more gear. I want more gear. It’s a real issue. But one that I need to curb. I am going to have to make a pact with myself that I will not buy any more gear until some date or some activity is achieved. I said yesterday to myself, “I will not buy a pen f until I can get one of my photographs made with a current camera to pay for the new camera.”

That might be interesting. How can I get my current film camera to capture an image that pays for the next camera. That will be my goal. No more lusting after the next camera. I will focus on 35mm film and my current canon 1n. Focus on this camera and get to know it inside and out. This will be my plan.

I’m going to take it through the ten week course from Eric Kim and see where that takes me. If I can get one great photography each week then I could perhaps take that to a coffee shop to have it in an exhibition or something? This will be a fun experiment.

I will post my progress. Bare with me because I will need to get this film developed each week and it might take some time.

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