Tips & Tutorials

Photography has a long tradition of film. Analogue film is not dead, as a matter of fact it's experiencing a huge resurgence. I have some tips and tutorials that will get you off on the right foot.

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Film & Gear

What is important about gear and what's not. My general philosophy on gear and also some gear that will get you there.

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Post Production

What do you do with the role of film you just shot? I am going to take you through the processes and options that I use each week.

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35mm Slide Film

My goal is to promote and grow the use of film. There's a long history of photography that speaks to the analog nature of film. Capturing a moment onto a physical element. It's something difficult to capture with today's digital technology.

It takes patience and skill to capture the moment. Shooting in film will make you a better photographer. That's my goal each and every day. To be one day better than the last. Always learning and sharing the things I discover.



Getting Started...

I want you to get started. If you can search around your parents attic. Find that old film camera and start shooting. Let me know what you are shooting with. Send me photos. I would like for you to share your journey with me as well !